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Who we are:
Have your valuables protected by Dolfin!
We started from watertight protecting case, it is now one of the famous plastic case product in China. And we are still working to extend its series to satisfy more demands from our customers!
Having the belief of continuous improving and developing kept in mind, two brand new projects the cell phone protecting case and the auto box are fully on line now for better protection of your life! And we are proud of being the leader producer in both these two industries!

What we can do:
We are having passionate, innovative and hardworking staff ???supporting?? every one of our product!
From the forming of the idea to the selling of our products, we have all advantages covered!And we are keeping improving.
We are opening to whatever great innovative ideas our staff or our customers bring up, once it gets the approval from the most of us, we are challenging to have our products and our service improved to a better level!
We have our own brilliant engineers designing for us, our own factory producing fo us, this makes us able to control the quality and production at their best, and cutting the costs down the most!

What we are aiming to:
No matter you are shuttling through the city getting on and off work, or going hiking, biking, fishing outdoor, or traveling around the country or the world, please use our cell phone case have you mobile phone protected from destroy, use our watertight box having your valuables packed well, let our auto boxes having your car kept well!

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